Reviews of thermoses

Hello everyone. Today I would like to briefly but meaningfully talk about such a seemingly simple product as a thermos.

The thermos was needed, because the thermos in use by a relative, previously bought also on Ali, after a couple of times of use, began to let heat through – the case was immediately hot (although the person admitted that he dropped it a little, but on the case what or there are no dents, and the thermos itself is not with a glass flask, the same stainless steel).
I looked at what they sell offline, for about 1000 rubles, got upset, and decided to take something from ali, provided that I find a normal and popular option.

  • May 26, 2022, 09:15
  • author: sdfpro
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Hello everyone! Today I will briefly introduce you to a simple 480ml Mobuta thermos. Of the interesting features, it can be noted that the digital display at the top of the lid.

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