Reviews of thermoses

Reviews of thermoses

Hello everyone. Today I would like to briefly but meaningfully talk about such a seemingly simple product as a thermos.

The thermos was needed, because the thermos in use by a relative, previously bought also on Ali, after a couple of times of use, began to let heat through – the case was immediately hot (although the person admitted that he dropped it a little, but on the case what or there are no dents, and the thermos itself is not with a glass flask, the same stainless steel).
I looked at what they sell offline, for about 1000 rubles, got upset, and decided to take something from ali, provided that I find a normal and popular option.

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Hello everyone! Today I will briefly introduce you to a simple 480ml Mobuta thermos. Of the interesting features, it can be noted that the digital display at the top of the lid.

Windows tablet Onda V101w keyboard case Voyo A1

Windows tablet Onda V101w keyboard case Voyo A1

In April of this year, Microsoft made Windows 8 free for all devices with screens smaller than 9 inches. After this event, Chinese manufacturers, who previously preferred the free Android system, began to release a huge number of Windows-based tablets. Windows 8.1 tablets are currently available in Chinese online retailers for under $100. At the same time, the cost of tablets with a screen diagonal of 9 inches remains quite high – about $200. It’s just a big tablet. with a diagonal of 10.1 from Onda.

In this review, I will try to talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of Windows tablets relative to Android counterparts.

Over the past couple of years, I have had experience with Onda Android tablets several times. I can’t say anything bad, the devices worked stably, the manufacturer continues to support their devices and release new firmware. Onda V811 was bought by my mother, the tablet is more than two years old, during this time I had to replace the battery, but in general it works stably, despite numerous falls.

I’ll start by saying that there are several varieties of Onda V101w:

v1: Intel Bay Trail Z3735D processor, 9V-2A charger, Bios identical to Onda v975w
v2: Intel Bay Trail Z3735F processor, 5V-2A charger, custom Bios, vibration feedback removed from Windows button .
v3: Hardware is identical to v2. MS Office is pre-activated.
v5: Battery capacity (compared to previous versions) is reduced. Now it’s 6600mah.
On the front side, above the screen, there is a 2-megapixel front camera, and under the display there is a Windows touch key. On the top side there are mechanical volume keys, a power button and a red charging indicator. ©

You can find out the number on the box, the code format is V101WBE9V2XXXX, I have just the most common V2 version.

The left edge houses the microphone, headphone jack, microHDMI jack, microSD card slot, microUSB cable jack, and 5V charging port.

The back cover is made of pleasant to the touch metal, in the lower part there are two stereo speakers, and in the upper part there is a 5MP main camera without flash.

40W Soldering Iron with Clamp

40W Soldering Iron with Clamp

— Material: Stainless steel plastic
— 40 Watt power soldering iron
— Voltage:AC 250V / 6A
— 2-flat pin plug
— Temperature range: 200~ 450 degree Celsius
— Comes with clamp
— Power cable length: 150cm

As for the recommendations “to take or not to take”, I can already say: if you have taken it, don’t be upset. And such a soldering iron can work. Especially if the tip is replaced from steel to copper. 🙂

This product was taken for small household chores like picking phones, etc.

It came pretty quickly. However, when I was handed an almost flat package in the mail, I tried for a long time to understand what I was getting. Ordered a bunch of stuff. There are no tracks. So every time going to the post office is a surprise. 🙁
Post of Russia (well, or China, horseradish is not sweeter) rolled out a small package just into a pancake-like state. So, with a slight thickening. How people dare to order ceramic knives – I wonder …

Okay, boom, consider that the mail helped to unpack the goods. Through the well-worn bottom of the blister, the soldering iron easily fell into the substituted hand.

Let’s see. There are two separate cables: one is a network cable, rather soft, about 150 cm long; – wires about a meter with a crocodile on the tail. This is for grounding. Just in case. Although in fact, "gentle" circuits are soldered with low-voltage soldering irons with grounding.

The heating element is hidden in a quite ordinary tube with a welded spot by welding with a mounting flange (this will be seen in another photo. A little burnt in the middle – I already turned it on. 🙂

The flange is screwed with three self-tapping screws through a plastic spacer to the handle. With a well-heated soldering iron, this place will definitely become hot and, perhaps, the self-tapping screws will begin to melt the handle. There was such a sad experience on a domestic soldering iron. There, however, the period of failure was calculated in a couple of years. Yes, and at our voltage of 237V, it simply overheated. The sting was quickly eaten and other "charms". BUT
there is a regulator here and you can hope that it will last long enough without overheating. Yes, and the use is supposed to be periodic, by no means everyday. Well, if someone starts to strain – you need to take action immediately.
Further, the plastic spacer between the heater and the handle is attached to the handle itself. The handle, in addition to the main function, has a clearly decorative design. Transparent, with details inside.

Moreover, it has a pre-formed semi-cylindrical lens on top and bottom of the temperature controller board. Obviously not just like that. Those. From the end, the details are visible smaller than from above. The Chinese are showing off. 🙂

In the tide, closer to the front end of the handle, there is a well for the temperature regulator. To less hurt him at work. A label with temperature values ​​is glued to the surface of the adjusting wheel. The pointer arrow is convex, molded on the front surface of the well (now it points at 250 degrees) between the mounting screw and the regulator knob.

In the back of the handle, you can see the power wires sealed from pulling out and a short protective insert at the output. In theory, it should protect the wire from excessive bending at the exit point. In fact, it’s a bummer.

On the reverse side of the printed circuit board – tracks, soldering, ground wire. The soldering is not bad, but when cutting off the legs, something tried to come off.

On the side you can see that the board is too narrow, it fell off a special groove in the handle and hangs
sloppy. The heater is lower, the cord is higher than the groove.

What interfered with the disassembly-assembly, by the way.

Here’s a closer look: a triac, a variable resistor, a resistor instead of a transistor, an LED… Marking ± is visible at the input of the thermal control circuit. What’s there? Diode or thermocouple?

Here is a tab of the ground wire screwed under the round flange of the heater. By the way, because of him, the general view of the soldering iron warps. The heater is at an angle to the handle. If this jars someone’s sense of beauty – you need to put washers under the other two screws to compensate for the difference in thickness at the three attachment points.

By the way, in this picture you can see the skew of the heater relative to the handle.

Actually, this is how the soldering iron heats up – with LED backlight. When it heats up, the LED will turn off. Lies for a minute, cools down. The LED flashes – in 7-8 seconds it will reach the desired temperature – it will turn off.

What can I say.
This SKU is a more miserable version of the previously reviewed By the way, it’s still better to buy it. Everything is done a little better there. And the power reserve does not pull the pocket.
Distortions, shortcomings, savings on matches – a typical Chinese. On a tip from the first commentator, SUDDENLY it turned out that the sting was … steel! It’s completely out of the question, to be honest.
Cheaper, simpler, but it works. During operation, by the way, not only the sting is heated, but also the handle. 🙂 Where the power supply resistor of the circuit is located, the largest one is at the output of the power wire.
There was no adapter from the American flat to the Russian round plug in the kit – this was saved by the seller.
You should not rely on the accuracy of degrees from the regulator knob. This is not a soldering station though. There, the sensor is inserted into the recess of the sting itself, as far as I remember. Here, the sting is pressed against the heater with as many as two screws, because their length is the same. Although, as planned, one should be shorter – attach the casing to the heater, the second is more authentic – press the sting against the opposite wall of the heater.
For housework – I would like to expand the temperature range down a bit – there are models from 150 degrees. Sometimes it is more pleasant to melt hot glue or plastic with them than with a piece of iron at 200 degrees.
According to the results of such sniffing, the price of 330 rubles for our stores would be the norm, but for China – IMHO, a little overpriced. 30 percent.
In general, who is too lazy to solder or buy
all sorts of dimmers to adjust the power from the magazines "Radio" and others like them – wellcome! 🙂 One hell, there will be power, and here is the temperature from the sensor on the heater. There it will be evenly unknown what temperature, here – in small jumps, it is also unknown what it is. My non-contact thermometer will arrive – it will be possible to measure the temperature hysteresis of this product. Only this nafig no one needs …

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Indeed, the earlier you will get, the greater number of difficult it is to place yourself back available in to the internet dating swimming pool

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In place of calculating it through learning from mistakes, we requested a few dating specialist because of their top recommendations on matchmaking programs for teenagers

In place of calculating it through learning from mistakes, we requested a few dating specialist because of their top recommendations on matchmaking programs for teenagers

a Ranking in the best Dating Services readily available for young adults

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Relationship Software Pickable for women Who Wants To Go Out And Never Having To Give Up Confidentiality

Relationship Software Pickable for women Who Wants To Go Out And Never Having To Give Up Confidentiality

Dating App Pickable for ladies Who Would Like To Big Date And Never Have To Give Up Confidentiality

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Shade therapy: Simple tips to select the Appropriate Color for the application layout

Shade therapy: Simple tips to select the Appropriate Color for the application layout

Drive user wedding with colour therapy a successful method driving involvements beyond interfaces, individual passes, and content.

Colors need an enhanced effect on peoples insight, preference, and therapy throughout their lifetime. The choices about shade are noticed in infants as young as three months old and usually change with age.

A couple of responses to color is innate, plus some were read from characteristics or community. For-instance, cool colors behave as relaxants and are generally chosen over their additional warm counterparts.


The partnership between humans and colours ‚s been around for eons, rendering it a worthy resource regarding artistic communicator.

Comprehending the Tips of shade concept to pick Appropriate Colour to suit your application

The Color Principle

Why don’t we appreciate this fundamental very first. In shade theory, you will find that the colors were structured on a color controls and grouped into the three more fundamental kinds: main styles, second shades, and tertiary styles.

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Along With Wheel

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Top Frauds You Should Know Just Before Find Scholarship Awards

Top Frauds You Should Know Just Before Find Scholarship Awards

There are numerous types of scholarship frauds online, and it also may not continually be simple to identify all of them. The one thing you should always bear in mind is you must not getting asked for funds or any economic information to make an application for a scholarship or even obtain one. All legitimate scholarships is liberated to make an application for, while the information about these scholarships should be readily available using the internet.

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  • Never render financial information.
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As soon as signed up on the internet site, you may be requested to spell it out your self (visibility) and identify the sort of conferences you would like to manage

As soon as signed up on the internet site, you may be requested to spell it out your self (visibility) and identify the sort of conferences you would like to manage

Your Own Profile

As soon as subscribed on the internet site, you may be questioned to spell it out your self (profile) and identify the type of conferences you wish to do. Being determine if the site corresponds to you, it is important to feel because honest possible. A profile try constituted :

At the very least, a recent picture of you (you are not obliged to upload one right away. Close the window at the top correct, relieve this step).Answers, since honest as is possible, to an easy questionnaire to raised define your self inside the vision of your own interlocutors.A short-pitch: various outlines about you as well as your studies, which we suggest that you write-in English.A definition of the individual you’re looking for, plus the particular meetings you are looking for. Warning: if youaˆ™re trying to find a booty telephone call, your wonaˆ™t select this program during the selection of myladyboydate.Be aware that a well-informed profile usually preserves lots of time. Read More